If you’ve been living under a rock in the Christian music realm, you may have missed the song “Like a Lion – (God’s Not Dead)”. However, thanks to the popular Techno-Pop band Newsboys, it has reached a greater audience than songwriter Daniel Bashta could have ever imagined. Although the original intentionality of the song had entirely different sentiments (see testimony video here), the drive and emotion of the song has definitely struck a chord with other artists and listeners worldwide. Even books are being written with by the same title (see here).

Now the song seems to have expanded its reach even further – into the feature film realm in partnership with the Newsboys with “God’s Not Dead” the movie. Although not scheduled to release until 2014, here’s a teaser of the film below. This is not a movie review, but rather simply an opportunity to get information into our listeners and readers hands. However, how do you feel about the concept of this film? We’d love to hear from you.

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