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When Ordinary Becomes Art, God Moves Through Us in a Million Little Ways

Bestselling Author of ‘Grace for the Good Girl’ Encourages Readers to Live Artfully in the Everyday 

Emily Freeman sees artistic potential in everything, from the work we do with our hands to the moments we create with our lives. Art is more than songs and paint; art is what happens when we live like we are actually alive, when we respond to the creative heart of God and move into the world as the people we were created to be.

A Million Little WaysIn Million Little Ways, A: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live, Freeman dares believers to uncover their own personal art and believe they have something unique to offer the world. Whether their lives consist of numbers and charts or cooking dinners and making beds, everyone has the opportunity to display God’s creativity and beauty to the world. Readers will discover the art of a quiet word, a hot dinner, a grace-filled glance and a million other little ways of revealing God’s presence.

In her gentle, compelling style, Freeman encourages readers to turn down the volume on their inner critic and move into the world with the courage to be who they truly are. She invites regular people to see the artistic potential in words, gestures, attitudes and relationships. A Million Little Ways uncovers the creative, personal imprint of God on every individual. It invites the discouraged parent, the bored Christian, the exhausted executive to look at their lives differently by approaching their critics, their jobs and the kids around their table the same way an artist approaches the canvas – with wonder, bravery and hope.

A Million Little Ways is a book for ordinary people who are beginning to realize that there are many ways – a million little ways – that Christ is formed in us and moves through us into our world. It is not about redefining art, it’s about reimagining our lives.

God is not a technicanTwo years ago, Freeman began writing about creating art in the everyday on her blog, Chatting at the Sky. It quickly became her most requested topic and generated a large response from her blog community. She was surprised at how deeply her posts about living artfully resonated with an audience of artists and non-artists alike. Readers admitted they desperately feared they had nothing to offer the world but secretly hoped they were wrong.

“All of life is art, and we hold the paintbrush with our lives,” writes Freeman. “It’s hard to imagine we have something beautiful and creative to offer if we haven’t a voice to sing or a hand to paint,” says Freeman. “But there is another kind of art, the kind that comes out of every believer who dares to ask what it is that makes her come alive.”


Emily FreemanEmily P. Freeman is a writer who loves to create space for souls to breathe. The author of Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life, she attended Columbia International University to study the Bible and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she earned a degree in Educational Interpreting for the Deaf. Whether writing or speaking, Emily’s words offer fresh perspective on the gracefulness of the everyday and the sacredness of our inner lives. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, John, and their three elementary school-aged children. Connect with Emily online at

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