Matt Mikalatos speakingWe continue our conversation with author Matt Mikalatos in Episode 23.  Transitioning from the discussion of his latest work, The First Time We Saw Him: Awakening to the Wonder of Jesus, Matt and Joe discuss his writing style and how that is informed by his day job work for CRU, formally known as Campus Crusades for Christ.  This quickly becomes a discussion of culture and evangelism.  And just for fun, we wrap up with a discussion of graphic novels and comic books, notably discussing one of Matt’s favorite writers, the renowned Gene Yang.

Other notes:

  • New on the site, contributor Mark Newton reviews Atlas Girl by Emily T. Wierenga:
  •  Joe actually butchered the pronunciation of Emily’s last name on this episode, but he cleverly edited that bit out.  Hopefully, he will do better this week when he interviews her later this week.
  • Dan discusses the latest edition to his family, a new  lefty Takamine acoustic-electric guitar.  (I know, so exciting…)

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