Today, November 11, 2014, Christ for the Nations Worship releases their 40th live album recording, Kingdom.  We are blessed at Frequency to boast that two of our contributors – Jessica Collins and Gabriel Allred – were key participants in this landmark release for this venerable institution.

For this special occasion, Joe sat down with them to discuss their individual experiences and favorite moments on that evening of worship.  As it turns out, Kingdom represents their final recording with CFN Worship – making it a unique and sentimental occasion for them both.  Spend a few minutes with Gabriel, Jessica, and Joe to learn

Our Quick Review

Album: Kingdom

Artist: Christ for the Nations Worship

Genre: Praise and Worship

Label: CFN Music

Release Date: November 11, 2014

Standout Tracks:  “Spirit Burn”, “I Give Myself Away”, “Fire In My Bones”

One could argue that it would be difficult to remain objective when preparing a review of the work of a friend and fellow Frequency team member.  And this would be accurate.  Fortunately for us, Kingdom is a diverse and strongly-written collection of music ready for your congregation.

Yes, there are a couple of bumps where the performance or production seems out of place with the track, but this is only a occasional distraction.  Considering the $8.99 price tag for the 26-track Deluxe edition, this one is a no-brainer.  Heck, for that price, if only half the songs were good, it would be a deal (and, yes, more than half of them are good).  Forget about any potential  conflict of interest associated with our recommendation and buy Kingdom now.

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In the event you’re interested in a little perspective, step into the WABAC machine and check out this video representing Christ for the Nations Worship throughout the decades.  Enjoy!

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