Wicked-WomenWritten by Ann Spangler, “Wicked Women Of The Bible” is an enjoyable and insightful read. Taking us through Old and New Testament, Ann captivates her audience by re-telling the “wicked” stories of 20 women.

From Eve to Mary Magdalene, we are taught how 20 different women played a pivotal role in history, making each chapter not only a biblical study but also a history lesson. Although Ann has taken some artistic liberty to fill in the blanks, each chapter is very believable and well-rounded.

The chapters read as a novel, and the reader can easily place themselves into the story at any given time. Closer to the end of each chapter, Ann gives a brief description of, “The Times”. We are taught about the culture as well as other events taking place at that time in history. Each chapter ends with a Takeaway which consists of five questions, making this a wonderful option for women’s small group studies.

“Wicked Women Of The Bible” is a highly recommended read for women who desire to grow in their understanding and knowledge of scripture. For women who struggle to identify with the women in the bible, you can’t help but come away from this book feeling that these women were not at all different from ourselves.

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