For you podcast listeners, you’re likely aware that Travis Thrasher recently graced us with his presence and shared with us some of his experience writing the novelization of the movie, Home Run.  And, because Travis is such a generous guy, he offered to help us give away an autographed copy of Home Run to one lucky person in the Frequency community.

If you want your chance at the giveaway, we’ve made it quite easy for you.  Simply comment on this post.  In two weeks, we’ll select one name at random as the lucky winner.

Also, if you listen to the podcast post, we’ve provided a little bonus.  During the interview, Travis and I had a brief discussion about comic books (why not?) which didn’t make the final cut for the podcast.  With Man of Steel opening today, Friday, June 14th, we thought it would be appropriate to share that with you.

We hope you enjoy the interview and don’t forget to leave your comment below for your chance to win an autographed copy of Travis Thrasher’s book, Home Run.

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