Yes, the title is provocative, but we swear that it is not intended to be click bait – it really is a major theme in our featured conversation with Rich Kirkpatrick and Emilie Joelle, the father-daughter duo A Beautiful Liturgy.  The make-up of the group is unique but their perspective on music and worship is universal.  Joe connected with duo in the midst of the holiday season to discuss their eponymous EP, A Beautiful Liturgy, and dig into a number of topics including why liturgy is an important component of worship, why parent-child collaboration actually works, and, as the title suggests, why it’s important to be authentic but also good.

  • The interview starts around minute 14.  And in case you’re keeping track, you’re right: the banter keeps getting longer.  We shall endeavor to practice more discipline.  
  • In addition to being a talented singer/songwriter, Emilie is also an established graphic artist.  Check out her portfolio at  
  • As mentioned in the episode, Rich is the author of influential worship-focused ebook The Six Hats of the Worship Leader.  
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