AndrewMarcusSmileIf you’ve been keeping up with our series of interviews from CMS NW 2015, the name Andrew Marcus is likely a familiar one.  This gregarious Canadian songwriter and worship leader jumped in and facilitated several of the resulting artist conversations. Andrew is based out of Vancouver, BC, which is a quick couple of hours from Seattle where CMS NW took place.  Andrew has written and worked with some big names including Paul Baloche, Leeland Mooring, and producer Ed Cash.  They describe him with words such as “sincere”, “anointed”, and “refreshing”.  And we tend to agree.  

Dan takes the reins in this fun and far-reaching interview, which is only appropriate considering that he has the Canadian connection going for him.  Andrew discusses his unlikely journey into worship and songwriting, his fixation on guitar pedals, and his forthcoming album, Constant, which is set to release January 2016.  


Andrew's Pedal Board

Andrew’s Pedal Board

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