In the middle of the December, 2014, an email arrived in the Frequency inbox from a young singer/songwriter by the name of Skylar Kaylyn. Before we ever listened to music from her sophomore release, In My Head, she had our interest. Why? Because this precocious 18-year-old is from Wheatland, Wyoming, a small town (pop. 3,652) in the southeastern corner of the state. And it just so happens that Joe is a graduate of Lovell High School in Lovell, Wyoming. No, the towns aren’t really near each other, but Wyoming is Wyoming, and Joe tends to get excited about these things.

As it so happens, Skylar is talented and her album is quite good. That always helps. Tune in to the conversation and learn a bit more about our new friend from the Cowboy State and the intriguing way her album came together.

By the way, Joe’s audio cut out once or twice during the conversation. Not enough to be a distraction, but in case you’re wondering why he doesn’t complete a thought, it has nothing to do with his mental stability…


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