Emily Joy Black ShirtBefore you proceed, you should know that our guest, spoken word poet Emily Joy, really enjoys poking the bear.  She doesn’t shy away from conflict or controversial topics.  And she definitely has an opinion.  In fact, she feels like she’s been called to challenge the so-called norms of Christian culture.  So, when you’re listening and find yourself feeling a little uncomfortable (or a lot), that’s OK, and it’s probably intentional.

With Emily Joy, there is equal opportunity to be offended, inspired, uncomfortable, justified, and confused.  So we invite you to spend some time with this talented young artist as we discuss her Moody Bible Institute degree, the hypocrisy of purity, the unexpected hit-and-miss nature of satire, and the recent tragic shooting in Orlando.

Dan’s comment about Emily Joy: “We need firestarters in the Christian community”.  Well, then, we are happy to oblige.


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