Bonnie-Edited-79-2808002309-OThe Amp’d Interview is back after a brief hiatus.  Back in January, we were introduced to Drew Ley (pronounced like “lye”) by our good friend Chris Olson, who communicated to us his enthusiasm for Drew’s forthcoming EP, Anchor.  We quickly began to coordinate an Amp’d interview with Drew, but it took over three months to pull it together – through no fault of our guest.

Hailing from Bossier City, Louisiana, this gentlemen speaks humbly about his craft as a songwriter and a performing artist, frequently referring to himself as an “amateur”.  We beg to differ.  It is clear that Drew takes his faith, worship leadership, and songwriting quite seriously and recognizes that it’s a lifelong journey and not a quick trip.

Spend some time getting acquainted with Drew and his music in this eighth episode of our artist interview series.


Other Notes:

  • The interview was recorded yesterday (May 14, 2015), which also happened to be Drew’s birthday.  It never once came up in the conversation.  Are you kidding?  Do us a favor and get out on social media to wish him a belated happy birthday.  Seriously.  Do it.  Go…
  • As noted in the episode, we’ve experienced some challenges over the past couple of months with the software used to capture interviews which has resulted in the postponement or loss of a few conversations.  As they are recovered, they will begin to show up on the site and in the feed.  In the meantime, we’re back in business with more guests from all over the Christian creative world.
  • In case you haven’t had the chance, we strongly encourage you to spend some time with Mandy Thompson’s creative series, The Chase.  We’ve published three of the four parts, but you can start with Part 1: Creativity Manifesto.Unfettered
  • Our good friend, Ross King, released his latest effort, Unfettered, this week.  It’s an excellent and somewhat provocative step into the realm of the singer-songwriter.  We highly recommend it.


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