Joe with the guys from Brothers McClurg

In late February of this year, Joe sat down with Anthony and Chris Hoisington (and bevy of other fine individuals) and enjoyed an extended conversation with the group known as Brothers McClurg.  Sadly, when we sat down a week later to edit the interview for a feature episode, tears welled up in our our eyes – after five minutes, the audio flat-lined, rendering most of the interview unusable (unless you like to hear a monotone buzz for 40 minutes…).

The thing is, we really like these guys, and their music is great.  Therefore, we made the decision to swallow our pride and share the small bit that we do have, because we want to get the word out about Brothers McClurg one way or another.  So, although the episode is brief, it is still fun.  Listen in, download their latest releases (Home and Around the Mic), and be sure tell a friend about the fresh new music you’ve discovered.


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