Bonnie_HiRes_CroppedLast year, Bonnie Gray came to our attention by way of her excellent memoir-driven book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace.  Our contributor, Mark Newton, loved it and wrote a glowing review.  We followed up shortly thereafter with a two-part written interview.  When offered the chance to catch up with Bonnie, we jumped at it.

What started as a quick check-in with the writer behind became a wide-ranging interview about art, anxiety, and God’s grace.  After 90 minutes of engaging conversation, we find in Bonnie a kindred spirit and an individual with an immense heart for her fellow artists.   We’ll be sharing this in two parts, so listen in next week when part 2 is published.


Other Notes:

  • Considering Bonnie’s online book club?  You can get more information here:
  • Bonnie and Joe reference our interview with Robbie Seay from Episode 27.  The Psalms LP that we discussed was released January 13th.  It’s a must-have album.
  • Next week (February 10th) we officially kick off our project with Travis Thrasher, The Hinterlands Saga.  This year, Travis is blogging a book, The Howling Wind, and Frequency is producing the narration via a dedicated podcast.  For a sneak peak and to catch up on the entries written thus far, visit

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