ISC_IM300x250Hey there.  You non-songwriters will forgive us this little indulgence.  For our latest Amp’d interview, we asked Shane Whalen from the International Songwriting Competition to hang out with us a bit.  Why is that?  Well, we like what they do and the way that they do it.  Yes, the prizes are pretty great, but it’s really more about their philosophy about artist growth and a focus on excellence.  Shane shares about the history of the competition, his own experience as a participant, and why artists need to stick their neck out occasionally.

Other Notes:

  • As you likely heard when listening to the episode, we’re giving away a free entry to this year’s ISC.
  • We love artists from all mediums, as evidenced by our most recent interviews with songwriter Josh Wilson and photographer Dawn Camp.  Queue them up now.
  • New interviews are coming soon, including with recording artist David Dunn and Canadian songwriter Brad Guldemond.


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